Ms Alice Chew

Dear Dr. Tay, 

I want to say "Thank You" from the bottom of my heart for having been my Nikki's wonderful vet. You were so understanding, patient and kind during the process of putting her to sleep. Although i miss my precious Nikki terribly, as she was more than family to me. Nikki was my whole world, but i find comfort in knowing that all her suffering is over. I feel blessed that Nikki had a vet who truly has a heart that is compassionate and understanding. May the Lord Bless you always. 



Mr Paul Ang

A Friend To Man’s Best Friend

My dogs like seeing Dr Ong and they appear comfortable with him. I have consulted him for nearly a decade ranging from cancer to stomach bloat to loss of appetite. After consults, I am grateful for his follow up phone calls enquring about my pets’ condition. He genuinely cares for his patients.


Ms Oaky Teo

While we have been through many vet care specialists for our special needs cats over the last 13 years, Dr Wei stands out with his dedication, kindness and attention to detail for each case.


Dr Wei is extremely clear and thorough with his diagnosis/recommendations, which enables us to make difficult decisions for our cats with much confidence. He also takes the time and trouble to continually research and offer treatment alternatives for our cats' various conditions. At all times, it is evident that he puts their best interest ( quality of life) above all else.


It is little wonder that Dr Wei has quickly established himself as our "family doctor" for some years now.

Oaky and Delfi

For Xann, Sippy and Buddy

Ms Deven Nelson

Dr. Ong is a veterinarian with compassion and skill...


Dr. Ong provided excellent care to my 10-year-old Great Dane Lucy. I moved to Singapore two years ago with an already senior dog who was suffering from arthritis. I went to a few different vets before finding Dr. Ong. He took time to listen to all of my concerns about Lucy's transition to Singapore and her chronic health problems, and he had the knowledge and skill I was looking for in a vet. In addition to thorough exams, Dr. Ong always described all treatment options so that I was empowered to make my own good decisions regarding my dog's health. When Lucy started experiencing unusual symptoms, Dr. Ong correctly and deftly diagnosed her with lymphoma and did everything he could make her treatment comfortable, including coming to our home to administer some emergency treatments. The care and compassion Dr. Ong extended to me, my family and my dog is appreciated beyond words. I'm not ready for another dog yet, but when I am, I will surely be back to Dr. Ong!

Mdm Daphne Tan

Dear Dr. Ong, I would like to express my appreciation for the competent way you treated my dog, Junior, at various times when he needed treatment. I am indeed pleased and grateful for your proficiency, patience, and kindness in treating my dog, Junior. With Gratitude and thanks for all your assistance to me. 

Sincerely yours,


Ms Jane Chong

Thank you Dr Francis for your support and good advice. You went beyond the call of duty and your reassurance lightened our heavy hearts after we received the sad news about Sparky’s condition. But we will continue to shower him with love and keep him comfortable and happy.

Ms Lyn Tan

Dr Tay is a compassionate, dedicated and caring doctor. Our senior  Maltese had an operation under his tongue to remove a tumour as well as scaling of teeth done

in 2017. We were extremely worried but Dr Tay was very patient and assuring.  We definitely feel very much at ease to have our furry baby under his care. Thank you Dr Tay.

Ms Haryani Jafaar

Dr Tay and Dr Ong have made my cats' dreams and especially mine come true by opening a veterinary clinic in Pasir Ris to meet the needs of our pets in this area.

I have known Dr Tay and Dr Ong for a couple of years and I highly recomend them to any pet parents out there.

Both have a love for animals and are pet parents themselves, so you know your fur kids are in good hands with them.

Dr Tay goes beyond the call of duty along with his keen and sharp senses, he picked up on Auntie Kim's little nuances that even I missed! I am truly grateful for this.


Together with Dr Ong, they lead a professional and dedicated team who will look after your pets to the best of their abilities.

Ms Peggy Liew

My three furkids have been under the care of Dr Francis Tay for many years.  Two fo them have since crossed the rainbow bridge and the surviving one, a very senior Papillon with a kneecap problem, is obese and suspected of having Cushing’s Disease. 


Dr Tay would not recommend surgery for the obese dog due to her age, and the procedure is very costly.  Being a senior dog, undergoing surgery might also be risky. Instead, he gave me tips on how to handle his skin problem and to effectively reduce her weight which was affecting her joints and overall health.


Dr Tay is also a compassionate, experienced and jovial vet, providing sound advice on how to take care of my furkids. He will not exploit your love for the furkids and “push” you to opt for expensive treatment or surgery. 


I recall an incident in which my doggie had a swollen toe. When conventional therapy failed, and I had cost concerns, Dr Tay was confident enough to recommend amputation of the toe based on the x-ray findings. The toe was sent off for histopathology and true enough, it was a cancer and we avoided incurring further expenses. My dog has been clear of cancer since 3 years ago.  All thanks to Dr Tay for his sound advice.


Though I am sad that Dr Tay has left his previous workplace, I strongly recommend his services to other petowners. You won’t regret it. 


Dr Tay, all the best in your endeavour, and take care.